One-Man Wimbledon

In June 2008, Rafael Nadal challenged Roger Federer for the Wimbledon crown. It was the third straight year they were meeting in the finals. Federer had won the previous two. In fact, he was undefeated at the tournament for five years running.

But Nadal was also on fire. Earlier that year, he’d won his fourth consecutive French Open. Who did he beat for the last three of those trophies? Yeah. Roger Federer.

Even before they walked onto the court at Wimbledon, this match was something special. By the time they left, it was something we don’t have a word for. Spectaculal. Magnifitastic. Kapowsome.

In 2014, One-Man Wimbledon had a run of sold-out shows in Bellingham, WA, and pretty-well-attended shows in Seattle. The match was five hours long, so the show glosses over some of the details. But you get all the shifts in momentum, many individual moments of brilliance, and several fanciful forays inside the players’ heads. You get a super close look at the fourth-set tiebreak, which reached such soaring heights of tennis and drama that it bumped its head on the good lord’s butt. You also learn all you’ve ever wanted (and more) about the players themselves and their precious, priceless rivalry.

Postscript: In 2017, nine years after the events captured in this show, and many years older than most of their peers, Federer and Nadal ended up battling each other for another huge title, at the Australian Open. Precious. Priceless.

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